About us

Flyingdove Mills PLC

Flyingdove Mills PLC is a bio-energy technology start-up founded in 2021.

The company has developed a five-pronged approach in promoting green energy using biomass.

The plan is to deploy biochar in rural and off-grid communities in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa to provide access to renewable green energy.


To drive the green economy in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa and the deployment of pyrolysis technologies that convert agricultural and biomass waste into green energy and renewable biofuels and products.
It’s time for Green Energy!!!


To be one of the fastest-growing integrated green energy production specialists that delivers a system which convert biomass waste streams into renewable energy and bio-fuels in a social, economic and environmentally responsible manner that is affordable to all.

problems we solve

Supporting Clean Cook Using Briquettes

Our objective is to establish a shared facility for the production of Bio-Char (briquettes) which will help reduce carbon footprint and improve women’s health. The shared facility will help reduce the use of firewood as cooking fuel and provide safe, clean cooking to all with briquettes.
This will prevent the long-term health effects associated with firewood use, including chronic respiratory illnesses and eye diseases, among other things.

Soil Resuscitation

Pyrolysis produces biochar, a carbon-rich solid that is particularly useful in agriculture. it enriches soil and prevents it from leaching pesticides and other nutrients into runoff. 

Biochar is also an excellent carbon sink. Carbon sinks are reservoirs for carbon-containing chemicals, including greenhouse gases. It is porous when added back to the soil, biochar absorbs and retains water and nutrients.
When added to soil, biochar increases the soil’s fertility and by regulating the level of nutrients in the soil, if carefully applied, can increase the farmers’ yields significantly. Used in animal farming, biochar reduces odours and increases the general wellbeing of animals.

Electricity – Biopower

Biochar produces electricity by direct combustion. Biochar is burned in a boiler to produce high-pressure steam. This steam flows over a series of turbine blades, causing them to rotate. The rotation of the turbine drives a generator, producing electricity. 

Water Management System

Biochar can remove pollutants (heavy metals, dyes, or further contaminants such as phenol, sulfate, nitrogen, phosphate, and so on) from wastewater and at the same time, contributes to minimizing, recovering, and reusing wastewater. Biochar, which is organic material pyrolyzed/charred, often by means of simple and low cost techniques, is an interesting alternative to replace the industrial activated carbon for greywater cleaning.


Biochar can also be used in the cosmetics industry to produce soaps, skin cream, therapeutic bath additives among many others

Our objectives

Women Empowerment

As a policy we are creating shared facility for women involved in biomass production in a way to discourage cooking with firewood.

Keeping Our Promises

We desire to make everything we do happen in a way that provides livelihood opportunities to the rural communities in Nigeria and the people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Zero Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Nigeria, Africa, and where possible, provide carbon negative solutions.

why are we different?

What makes a company different represents its path to success.

New concept

Flyingdove is the first in Nigeria to deploy pyrolysis technology that convert agricultural and biomass waste into green energy and renewable biofuels and products to deliver the positive reduction of carbon footprints.

Embracing diversity

From our team-members to our partners, we encourage and support equality and diversity in every community we engage.

Encouraging sutainability

Helping people (women in particular) to be economically productive whilst protecting their environment.